Quirks & Spice and all Things Nice-The National Mustard Museum

The National Mustard Museum is the quirkiest condiment museum you'll ever want to visit--and revisit, over and over and over...

The National Mustard Museum is the best kind of weird there is.

Located in the heart of downtown Middleton — a city known for its Good Neighbors and amazing food — is a little museum and shop solely dedicated to America’s favorite condiment.

Patti Bridges and Barry Levenson with the National Mustard Museum pose for a photo in the shop

Patti Bridges, National Mustard Museum gift shop owner; and Barry Levenson, the National Mustard Museum curator — Middleton, WI

Through the front door is the National Mustard Museum Gift Shop, full of hundreds of types of mustards for sale in-house and online, from spicy to sweet to fruity to brat-worthy — many of which are available to taste test first. There is an assortment of gift items, like sassy dish towels, silly cheese spreaders, Wisconsin- and mustard-themed games and charcuterie boards, as well as Wisconsin honey, maple syrup and barbecue sauce.

“When people enter the gift shop, I want them to be wowed by the variety of mustards available,” said Patti Bridges, gift shop owner. “The wide assortment of gift options is great for building your own mustard-themed gift boxes, as well.”

And downstairs is the famous, entirely free National Mustard Museum, complete with more than 6,500 mustards from around the world on display in jars, cans and tubes. Also find a large collection of antique mustard pots in all shapes, sizes and characterizations; the “Mustardpiece Theatre” showcasing the history of mustard; and a variety of other mustardy memorabilia.

And on the first Saturday of every August, the city shuts down the street and the National Mustard Day Festival appears with games, food, live music and, of course, lots and lots of mustard! The National Mustard Day Festival is a long-standing tradition in Middleton and one everyone should experience for themselves! (Aug. 3, 2024!)

The National Mustard Day band performs on stage, three men with instruments.

And all of this draws thousands of visitors of every age to Middleton each year.

“Why has mustard been so popular? It’s delicious, affordable and good for you!” said Barry Levenson, the curator and founder of the museum.

Barry has also written the book on mustard, “The Art of Mustard,” (available for purchase in store and online) and provides most of the scheduled group tours, school presentations and media interviews.

“The gift shop sells more different mustards than any shop in the world,” he added. “I’ve been to France, and mustard shops there, and have seen nothing that compares to what we have here.”

It’s really the best place for mustard-lovers — and for those just wanting a really good story to tell.

Hours: Open daily, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: 7477 Hubbard Avenue, Middleton, WI 53562

Admission: Free!

Group Tours/Guided Tours: Available by reservation

Young girl and boy playing game at National Mustard Museum

Two young visitors test out some of the interactive museum exhibits in the National Mustard Museum.

Modified June 12, 2024