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Best of Madison 2023 Awards: Middleton Winners

Congratulations to all the Middleton businesses who won gold, silver and bronze for the Best…

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Prost to Oktoberfest!

From special celebrations to authentic German food and refreshing seasonal brews, many places around Middleton offer Oktoberfest fare and festivities.

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Get your Fix of all Things Sweet in Middleton

Middleton is the ultimate vacation spot for those with a sweet tooth. Plan your next trip around all things sugar-filled.

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Have yourself a Flavorful Fajita Fiesta in Middleton

With bold flavors and fresh ingredients, who could say no to a sizzling plate of fajitas? Order this Tex-Mex icon in Middleton.

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A woman pouring a beer into a glass.

The Beer Lover’s Guide to Middleton

Cheers to Middleton’s craft beer scene that’s filled with plenty of great local, regional or worldwide beer options.

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A Celebration of a Worldwide Favorite — Fries!

Served hot, either soft or crispy, and in multiple shapes and size, this delicious fried food is something for all to enjoy!

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a man and a woman sitting on a blanket in a park.

Pack a Picnic in Middleton

Grab some tasty snacks, order your favorite local takeout, round up a few friends or family members and head to a scenic outdoor space.

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Enjoy a Farm-Fresh Wisconsin Staple — Cheese Curds

It’s National Dairy Month (June 2023)—a holiday worth celebrating in America’s dairy land.

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Fourth of July in Middleton

Whether it’s gathering with friends on a pontoon on the lake, camping with the family, Middleton is a great place to spend the Fourth!

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Springtime Goodies

From corned beef and cabbage to rainbow brownies and green wine — here are ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Middleton!

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Experience Middleton’s Women-Owned Businesses

With a variety of unique small and large businesses ran by passionate entrepreneurs, there is…

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Spend Your Summer in ‘Middleton’s Backyard’

Capital Brewery & Bier Garten has been brewing in downtown Middleton since 1986 — enjoy craft beer, outdoor spaces, and live music!

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a variety of mustards are displayed on a table.

Mustard Madness

From corned beef and cabbage to rainbow brownies and green wine — here are ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Middleton!

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a group of people sitting at a bar watching tv.

Your Guide to Middleton Sport Bars

Whether looking for a place to cheer on your favorite team, grab a happy hour…

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a couple of pies sitting on top of a table

Easy as Pie: Celebrate Pi Day in Middleton

What a day it is when scholars and foodies can celebrate together — Pi Day…

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St. Patrick’s Day Fare

From corned beef and cabbage to rainbow brownies and green wine — here are ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Middleton!

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two heart shaped cookies sitting on top of a glass plate

A Winter Weekend Away This Valentine’s Day

Spend a weekend away this Valentine’s Day in Middleton! Check out things to do, places to eat and great hotel deals right here in Middleton.

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Cheers with Friends in Middleton

Cheers with friends in Middleton–whether it be a craft brewery, cidery, wine bar or favorite restaurant!

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A wooden bridge in a wooded area.

Your Middleton fall color guide

Everything you need to know to start planning your fall trip to Middleton.

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a path in the woods with lots of leaves on the ground

Plan a Fall Weekend Getaway

Plan a Fall Weekend Getaway in Middleton–from our outdoor spaces to shopping and dining, there is something for everyone.

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a bridge over a river with a waterfall

Stay and play in Middleton

From beautiful trails to kayaking on the lake, Middleton has so much to offer. Come Stay and Play right here this fall!

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a wooden cutting board topped with meat and cheese

Outdoor dining in Middleton

The umbrellas are open and the smell of tasty food is in the air. Choose from 37 restaurants and cafes with outdoor dining.

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a town square with a fountain in the center

Shop, dine and stay at Greenway Station

Exploring charm in new places — Middleton invites you to Greenway Station. Middleton is known…

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mardi gras decorations are on display in a store

Mardi Gras in Middleton

In Middleton for Mardi Gras? Here are three places to help get into the spirit!

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