Spring biking guide

Middleton is the perfect place to welcome the spring biking season! Discover a destination for people who love to experience the world by bike. Middleton is home to an outstanding trail system that wins national awards, and its hotels all are located on biking routes and trails. There are plenty of bike racks near shops and restaurants and downtown Madison is an easy 30 minute ride, via pleasant local streets and paved bike paths. Here are some more reasons why Middleton is the perfect spring biking destination.

  • Road bikers: regular group rides depart Capital Brewery. The rides take place weekday evenings and include options for riders of all abilities. The rides range from 5 to 25 miles.
  • Mountain bikers: some of the best off-road riding around can be found at the Middleton Bike Park. You’ll find some fantastic, challenging riding, including a pump track, jump line and a single-track loop.
  • Family bikers: riders of all ages will appreciate Middleton’s paved paths. The terrain is gentle and the trailside nature sights are unforgettable.
  • Urban explorers: riders who like to navigate town by bike will find a lot to love about Middleton. Off street trails are located throughout the city.For more information, click here.

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