Spring & Summer

a man and a woman sitting on a blanket in a park.

Pack a Picnic in Middleton

Grab some tasty snacks, order your favorite local takeout, round up a few friends or family members and head to a scenic outdoor space.

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a man and a woman standing in front of a silver trailer.

Summer Fun Events in Middleton

Whether its festivals, races, air & auto shows, live music or a farmers market — this summer’s lineup has something for everyone.

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a large fireworks is lit up in the night sky

Fourth of July in Middleton

Whether it’s gathering with friends on a pontoon on the lake, camping with the family, Middleton is a great place to spend the Fourth!

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a sign in front of a building with a clock.

Summer StoryWalk®: ‘Jabari Jumps’

Middleton’s Summer StoryWalk® takes readers on a journey throughout downtown Middleton, stopping at 22 stops while following along with the story, “Jabari Jumps.”

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a couple of people riding bikes down a dirt road.

Middleton is Clean, Green and Serene

Middleton embraces green travel practices and environmental sustainability.

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a bunch of books that are on a table.

Spring StoryWalk®: ‘The Cars and Trucks Book’

Middleton’s Spring StoryWalk® takes on a fun exploration of all things cars and trucks StoryWalk®…

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a bridge over a river with a waterfall

Stay and play in Middleton

From beautiful trails to kayaking on the lake, Middleton has so much to offer. Come Stay and Play right here this fall!

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a wooden cutting board topped with meat and cheese

Outdoor dining in Middleton

The umbrellas are open and the smell of tasty food is in the air. Choose from 37 restaurants and cafes with outdoor dining.

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Two people in a kayak on a body of water.

Three ways to get on the water in Middleton

Here are three ways to get out onto the water in Middleton — from renting a kayak to dropping your own boat — spend some time soaking up the sun…

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a box of dunkin'trucks disc next to a bag of dunkin '

2022 Summer StoryWalk®: ‘Dump Truck Daisy’

Middleton’s summer StoryWalk® takes on construction theme, introduces children’s Hard Hat Club StoryWalk® adventures are…

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two people in kayaks paddling on the water

Memorial Day in Middleton

Summer weekends are made better by an extra day — spend your three-day Memorial Weekend in Middleton.

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two people playing golf on a golf course

Spring on the Course: 5 Reasons to golf at Pleasant View

Pleasant View Golf Course offers championship golf that is not only open to the public but offers spectacular panoramic views!

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a group of people standing on top of a wooden bridge

Explore Middleton!

Enjoy 27 miles of trails and multiple public parks, as well as Lake Mendota and Pheasant Branch Conservancy, all here in Middleton.

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a large bird standing on a wooden bench near a body of water

See Spring Arrive at Pheasant Branch Conservancy

Middleton’ s Pheasant Branch Conservancy is an ecological gem.

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a group of people standing on top of a stage

Meet Your Good Neighbors – Capital Brewery

Capital Brewery & Bier Garten has been brewing in downtown Middleton since 1986 — enjoy craft beer, outdoor spaces, and live music!

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a river running through a lush green forest

Five things to know about Pheasant Branch Conservancy

Pheasant Branch Conservancy is a great place to get outdoors in Middleton, home to hiking…

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a man riding a bike down a dirt road

Five reasons why Middleton’s trails are better

Visit Middleton’s trail system and discover why these trails win national awards. Here are some…

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two young girls playing in a water park

Splish, splash and smile

One of Middleton’s popular attractions delights kids of all ages, while keeping them cool on…

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two women ordering food in restaurant

Front Porch Series – Longtable Beer Cafe

Meet Your Good Neighbor Front Porch Series: Longtable Beer Cafe Longtable Beer Cafe is named…

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Four pictures of people walking along a boardwalk near a lake.

A Perfect Day in Middleton

Middleton is home to nearly 70 restaurants and cafés, 55 places to shop, a beautiful golf course, 36 parks and green spaces…

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a picture of a woman holding a baby

Downtown Middleton invites visitors to dream in this spring’s StoryWalk®

Dreamers are everywhere, at all ages, and Middleton’s new StoryWalk® celebrates them. Families are invited…

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a woman standing in a room filled with lots of stuffed animals

Meet Your Good Neighbor: Promises Floral and Gift Studio

Meet Your Good Neighbor Front Porch Series: Promises Floral and Gift Studio To be a…

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a woman sitting on a rock next to a river

Photo gallery: Spring in Middleton

We know you might be missing the return of spring to Middleton right now, so…

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a dirt road leading to a grassy hill

Get a breath of fresh air in Middleton

Discover some of Middleton’s natural beauty. We offer some truly outstanding outdoor recreation options in…

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