Get your Fix of all Things Sweet in Middleton

Middleton is the ultimate vacation spot for those with a sweet tooth. Plan your next trip around all things sugar-filled.

From European-styled baked goods to every flavor of pie, cookie and ice cream imaginable, Middleton is the ultimate vacation spot for those with a sweet tooth. With multiple bakeries and cafés options, there is certainly no shortage of dessert options here. Plan an extra sweet trip to Middleton with this guide to some of the best local treats.

Clasen’s European Bakery

Whether looking to start the morning with a fruit-flavored danish or streusel, gather an assortment of chocolate creations or try one (or multiple) of the Bakery’s handcrafted loaves of bread made from an original 1959 German recipe, Clasen’s European Bakery is a must-stop when traveling to Middleton. For more than 60 years, Clasen’s has been baking up old-world style bread, rolls, cakes, pastries, wedding cakes and confections  — all made from scratch with a recipe that has been around for decades.

Two cinnamon buns are sitting on a piece of paper.

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

For a taste of award-winning ice cream, head to Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, a Madison-area favorite. Since 1962, Chocolate Shoppe has been churning delicious ice cream, and Middleton is proud to be home to one of their nine locations. With more than 100 super-premium ice cream flavors, multiple vegan flavors, and frozen dessert options, it’s hard to decide on just one or two flavors. Because of that, sampling is highly encouraged!

a person holding an ice cream cone in their hand.

Hubbard Avenue Diner

Hubbard Avenue Dinner is a hot spot for classic comfort food and breakfast favorites but is most notably known for their delicious lineup of pies. From traditional fruit flavors to tangy key lime or lemon meringue to decadent chocolate pies, Hubbard Avenue Diner’s pie selection will have you wanting a slice of it all.

If pie isn’t your go-to dessert, Hubbard Avenue Diner also offers multiple varieties of cake, cheesecake, cookies, bars, and giant sundaes, shakes, malts, floats and Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream in a cup or cone. Whole pies and baked goods can be pre-ordered online; single slices and rotating baked goods can be purchased at the dessert counter.

Three chocolate desserts on a plate.

Miggy’s Bakes

For a sugar rush like no other, head to Middleton’s newest full-size bakery, Miggy’s Bakes. This bakery will wow you with its unique variety of baked goods that are almost too pretty to eat. Miggy’s dessert case is updated daily with fresh cookies, cookie cups, cake slices, bars, and, on Saturdays and Sundays, cinnamon rolls. View the weekly in-store menu on Miggy’s Bakes’ Instagram. Online orders are available for larger quantities.

A person holding up a chocolate ice cream cupcake in front of a building.

Villa Dolce

This modern Italian café specializes in artisan pizza but puts a particular emphasis on its dessert menu. When walking in the doors of Villa Dolce, guests are immediately welcomed by a beautiful case of Italian desserts, including tiramisu, cannoli, Crème Brûlée, and a colorful array of house-made gelato. For a dessert experience like no other, try the Gelato Experience: three scoops of your choice of gelato garnished with fruit and whipped cream.

An ice cream sundae sitting on a table.
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Modified August 30, 2023