Opened in June 2023, this full-size bakery and storefront offers a variety of tasty and unique-flavored cookies, cookie cups, cakes, brownies and bars. Prior to its storefront location, Miggy’s Bakes was ran solely as a small-batch home bakery. Due to the growth of the business, Shelby Olstad, owner of Miggy’s Bakes, opened her storefront location off of Frank Lloyd Wright Avenue in Middleton, just blocks from the house she grew up in. The bakery is filled with pretty pink interior, fun gifts and apparel, space for dining inside or outside, and a display case full of tasty baked goods. Customers can purchase baked goods in-store or online. Olstad also offers special events such as cake decorating classes and lessons on dessert and drink pairings, stay up-to-date on events happening on Miggy’s Bakes website.

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