Rock paper scissors art exploration studio for kids.

Rock Paper Scissors

Middleton’s very own art exploration studio for kids. What started as “Studio Ellu” on Instagram…

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A golf store with a lot of golf equipment.

Golf Galaxy

Get all the golf gifts and gear you need to take your game to the…

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J crew factory - j crew factory - j crew factory - j crew factory - j crew factory -.

J. Crew Factory

Located in Greenway Station Shopping Center, this store has fun and colorful clothes for the…

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A bowl of beef, rice and vegetables on a tray.


Dine at Pikkito and enjoy traditional Peruvian cuisine in a casual atmosphere. Customers can order…

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a subway store front with a green awning.


Murphy Drive – The world’s largest submarine sandwich chain, with more than 44,000 locations around…

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A restaurant with a sign that says like sushi.

ILike Sushi

Located off Allen Blvd, near the edge of Lake Mendota, , such as eel avocado…

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A group of bowls with different kinds of desserts on a wooden table.

Apex Nutrition

Apex Nutrition is a health and wellness hangout bar that offers Herbalife-based loaded teas and meal-replacement…

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The inside of a mexican restaurant with tables and chairs.

Fajitas, Tapas and Bar

Located in the heart of downtown Middleton, Fajitas, Tapas & Bar offers excellent, authentic Mexican…

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Pascua's cannina at night.


What once started in 1985 as a Salsaria & Southwestern Deli in the Madison Dudgeon-Monroe…

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A building with a sign that says moka coffee.


If you’re looking for a delicious and convenient pick-me-up, head over to MOKA, a drive-thru-based…

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a group of people standing around a bakery counter.

Miggy’s Bakes

Opened in June 2023, this full-size bakery and storefront offers a variety of tasty and…

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a toy store filled with lots of toys.

Five Below

A chain specialty discount store that sells products less than $5, plus a small assortment…

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a wooden table topped with plates of food.


Fresh, made-from-scratch Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food in a modern eatery. Enjoy a taste of…

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a group of women standing next to each other.

Trio Ramen

Trio Ramen specializes in homemade Ramen with ingredients sourced from Japan. The restaurant’s menu also…

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a football field with a field goal and a building in the background.

Middleton-Cross Plains Area High School

Middleton High School is a public secondary school located in the city of Middleton, Wisconsin….

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a building with a mural on the side of it

Stop 14 – Invisible Work — In Visible Earth mural

Medium: Painted mural, parachute cloth, mounted Artist: Jenie Gao and Rhea Ewing, with Dane Arts…

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Stop 13 – Self-made Man bronze statue

Medium: Bronze statue Artist: Bobbie Carlyle Location: Within the median at Deming Way and Airport…

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a sign on the side of a building that says keep our creek clean.

Stop 12 – Ripple Effects Storm Drain Art

Medium: Storm Drain Mural in paint Artist: DAMA using input and drawings from Middleton Girl…

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Stop 11 – Starbucks window art

Medium: Vinyl window art Artist: Emily James, 2017 Location: Starbucks drive-thru, 2620 Allen Boulevard Artist…

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Pheasant Branch Impressions stained glass

Stop 10 – Pheasant Branch Impressions stained glass

Medium: stained glass Artist: Josephine A. Geiger, 2009 Location: 7341 Donna Drive, Middleton Police Station…

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a skateboard ramp painted with chalk on the side of the road.

Stop 9 – Ripple Effects Storm Drain Art

Medium: Storm Drain Mural in paint Artist: DAMA using input and drawings from fourth graders…

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Stop 8 – Love Your Neighbor mural

Medium: Painted mural Artist: OhYa Studio artists Emily Balsley, Ray Mawst and Brian Kehoe, and…

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a statue of a horse with a bowl on it's head.

Stop 7 – Herd of Boulders

Medium: Cast bronze stone horse sculptures Artist: Gail Simpson and Aristotle Georgiades, 2022 Address: 7550 Hubbard…

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a sculpture in the middle of a city square.

Stop 6 – Barn Lights

Medium: Metal Art Lighting Installation Artist: Gail Simpson and Aristotle Georgiades, 2022 Address: 7550 Hubbard Avenue,…

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