Plan an Event


Middleton is the perfect place for your event or celebration. The Good Neighbor City hosts a multitude of events aimed to improve the quality of life and contribute to the economic vitality of the Middleton including run/walks, triathlons, festivals and parades.

Some events require a permit. If your event takes place on public property with 200 or more individuals taking part or attending and/or involves use of public streets or closure of public trails, you need a permit.

“Public property” means streets, sidewalks, parkways, highways, roads, boulevards, avenues, alleys, plazas, parks, conservancies, medians, and any and all spaces dedicated to the public use or used in any way by the city for the benefit of the public.

You are not required to have a permit if:

  • There are less than 200 participants and the event does not use public streets or close public trails.
  • The event takes place entirely on state, county, school district, or private property.
  • It is a sporting event taking place on property equipped with facilities designed for the purpose of accommodating such events.
  • The event is a funeral procession.
  • An alcohol license is issued covering the entire premises on which the event is to be held.
  • The event is organized, sponsored, or directed by the city of Middleton.

To apply: