Visit Middleton, it’s the middle things

Middleton tourism department launches new brand Tourism, on a community level, greatly contributes to an economy; but on a personal level, travel feeds the soul….

Middleton tourism department launches new brand

Visit Middleton stacked logoTourism, on a community level, greatly contributes to an economy; but on a personal level, travel feeds the soul.

This is exactly what the City of Middleton’s tourism staff used as momentum through a rebranding process that spanned the length of the pandemic — a brand that was announced Tuesday night at the Middleton Common Council meeting and officially launched today via their social channels.

Visit Middleton logo

Watch the official launch video here on YouTube.

“We are excited to share Visit Middleton’s new look with the public and our visitors,” said Julie Peterman, director of tourism. “We feel it represents the tone and style of Middleton and showcases how much the city has grown and how much it has to offer.”

The rebrand includes a new name and tagline for the department — Visit Middleton, it’s the middle things — that is in keeping with tourism trends, a logo that reflects the spirit of travel, and a new style with language that more currently mirrors the community as well as speaks to where it’s going.

“Middleton has an uncanny ability to project a quiet, eclectic charm while always being on the move,” said Mike Davis, city administrator for Middleton. “Middleton is forward-thinking and forward-moving and constantly growing. We’re so proud of the direction the city is going and rebranding our tourism department, anticipating a return to gathering and travel, is an excellent example of the positivity that drives so much of what we do.”

The rebrand process began in February 2020. It was only weeks later, when the pandemic was declared and offices nationwide were closing — that a decision had to be made to continue the interviewing process for branding agencies, or put the project on pause.

The tourism staff, consisting of three employees — Peterman; Mari Olson, marketing manager; and Laura Portz, convention and events services manager — decided to carry the project through. Interviews for an agency were done by committee and in a hybrid setting, with Boelter+Lincoln, of Milwaukee, chosen as a partner for the project. The first phase of the project — research and discovery — were conducted via virtual workshops and online surveys. The photo and video shoots were postponed until summer 2021 in hopes the pandemic would be a distant memory, but instead were carefully designed around current masking orders and health protocols.

“Rebranding the department was a goal made several years ago when I was first hired, and we knew the pandemic would require flexibility and some creative work-arounds, but our ultimate goal was always to see it through,” Peterman said. “Trends were showing early last year that drive markets would begin returning in summer and we began seeing visitors in April — taking advantage of our outdoor spaces, as well as shopping and dining.”

With Pheasant Branch Conservancy to the north, Pleasant View Golf Course to the west, Lake Mendota to the east, and sharing borders with the city of Madison, the City of Middleton has something to offer every traveler. Enjoy more than 70 dining and 50 shopping locations with a choice of nine hotels, as well as the area’s largest convention center hotel.

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Modified March 24, 2023