Pedal the Day Away at Middleton Bike Park

With a jump line and trails for multiple skill levels, the Middleton Bike Park offers something thrilling for all bikers.

With five miles of singletrack trails with a short jump line and skills section, the Middleton Bike Park offers something fun for seasoned mountain bikers and beginners alike. These mountain biking trails are designed to provide a longer ride with less extreme jumps. If bikers want to take on more ground, the Middleton Bike Park trails connect with Blackhawk Ski Club mountain bike trails (mountain bike pass required).

The Middleton Bike Park can be accessed by car at 4351 Schwartz Rd off Hwy 14 and by bike via the South Fork Trail. Nearly 70 parking spots are available at the Middleton Bike Park, owned and operated by the City of Middleton. The parking lot is adjacent to Middleton’s cross-country ski trails.

The bike park trails run mostly through wooded areas with occasional dips into the prairie and over boardwalks. The jump line gives riders an exhilarating chance to launch their bikes off the ground and enjoy some air time. A new paved pump track is scheduled to open in late 2023.

The Middleton Bike Park was built in 2010 by the local bike club Capital Off Road Pathfinders (CORP), with the help of nationally renowned designers Mike Riter and Ben Blitch. Volunteers continue to make improvements to the trails and provide trail conditions here.

Any mountain bike is suitable for the trails at Middleton Bike Park, but Capital Off Road Pathfinder (CORP) says a small hardtail works best for the jumps and the pump track. If you need gear or a tune-up (or even a whole new bike) before heading to the bike park, stop by Wheel & Sprocket in Middleton, where you’ll find friendly staff and a full-service bike shop and service department.

Bring your mountain bike to Middleton and experience one of southern Wisconsin’s best mountain biking areas. 

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Modified September 7, 2023