Discover Middleton’s Outdoor Public Art

Beauty abounds here, and we’re not just talking about the spectacular views from Pheasant Branch Conservancy and Pleasant View Golf Course or of Lake Mendota.

What many visitors don’t realize is that Middleton has nine easily viewed public works of art, including murals, sculptures and stained glass. The Middleton Arts Committee and the Middleton Community Development Authority, along with various partners and city employees, have dedicated themselves to providing and encouraging public art – with two murals completed just this past year.

See what waits for you in Middleton — take your own self-guided tour of Middleton’s outdoor public art.
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Medium: Sculpture
Location: 7710 Terrace Avenue, next to sidewalk, adjacent to Middleton Station Apartments, across from Quarry Skate Park
Artist: Randy Olson, 2016
Artist description: The artist’s stated goal was to enliven the public space at the Middleton Station Apartment entrance. “I envision a kinetic sculpture that is alive with action! By emulating this action within this public space, the sculpture becomes a visual metaphor for these human dynamics. In designing these works, I strive for a piece that sparks curiosity from a distance and invites viewers to approach for an up-close look – animating the space and welcoming residents and visitors. By constant motion, and the changing cast shadows, this artwork will give the viewer a chance to reflect upon the dynamic motion inherent to the entrance space.”

Love Your Neighbor

Medium: Painted mural
Location: 1920 Parmenter Street; corner of Parmenter Street and University Avenue, on the side of Roman Candle Pizzeria
Artist: OhYa Studio artists Emily Balsley, Ray Mawst and Brian Kehoe, and sponsored by The Middleton Arts Committee and the Middleton Community Development Authority. Completed in November 2020.
Artist description: “We had a blast painting and were blown away by the support and engagement from the community. While we were painting, hundreds of cars honked their horns and even rolled down their windows to thank us for putting up this mural. Feels so good to know that our work is connecting with so many people! Honored to have been able to help spread this positive message.” — @ohyastudio, Instagram

Pheasant Branch Impressions

Medium: stained glass
Location: 7341 Donna Drive, Middleton Police Station and Municipal Court Facility
Artist: Josephine A. Geiger, 2009
Artist description: Each of the Pheasant Branch Impressions is inspired by a photograph from the Pheasant Branch Conservancy.

Invisible Work — In Visible Earth

Medium: Painted mural, parachute cloth
Location: 4330 Parmenter Street; Middleton Operations Center (Middleton salt building)
Artist: Jenie Gao and Rhea Ewing, with Dane Arts Mural Arts, with the help of Clark Street Community School and Middleton Youth Center
Description: A gem can be found on the outskirts of the City of Middleton, “making the invisible visible.” This mural, “Invisible Work — In Visible Earth,” which was begun in 2019 and completed in 2020, depicts scenes of nature drawn from the Pheasant Branch Conservancy.

The building, itself, was built in the mid-1980s and was moved from its original location at the old public works garage on Laura Lane.

Self-made Man

Medium: Bronze statue
Location: Within the median at Deming Way and Airport Road — head toward Capital Flight, (8264 Airport Road), and drive west toward Deming Way’s turn (left-hand side). You can view from your vehicle or park further up Deming Way and walk back.
Artist: Bobbie Carlyle
Artist description: “A man carving himself out of stone, carving his character and carving his future.” This sculpture was donated to the City of Middleton in 2010 by real estate developer Bob Blettner.

Ripple Effects

Medium: Storm Drain Murals, paint
Location: There are three locations, listed below
Artist: Dane Arts Mural Arts (DAMA)
Artist description: “The Storm Drain Mural Program, led by the Madison Area Municipal Storm water Partnership, Dane County, and Dane Arts Mural Arts (DAMA), is using storm drains as a canvas to educate residents about storm water pollution through art.  The goal of these colorful murals is to capture the attention of those who pass by, help them understand where the storm water that enters their storm drain flows and get them thinking about what they can do to ‘Keep It Clean.’”  Visit “Ripple Effects” to learn about simple actions one can take to keep rain where it lands and prevent storm water pollution from washing into our waters.

  • Corner of Parmenter Street and Hubbard Avenue
    Address: 1824 Parmenter Street (Grace Coffee Co.)
    Artist: Dane Arts Mural Arts (DAMA) artist Amy Zaremba
  • Corner of Parmenter Street and Franklin Avenue
    Address: 2029 Parmenter Street (Gary’s Art & Frame Shop)
    Artist: DAMA using input and drawings from fourth graders at Sauk Trail Elementary in Middleton.
  • Middleton Hills, corner of Frank Lloyd Wright Avenue and Pheasant Branch Road
    Address: 6720 Frank Lloyd Wright Avenue (across the street from Prairie Café & Bakery)
    Artist: DAMA using input and drawings from Middleton Girl Scout Troop 2526

 *To view a full map of all DAMA storm drain art in Dane County, click here.

Starbucks Community Art

Medium: Vinyl window art
Location: Starbucks drive-thru, 2620 Allen Boulevard
Artist: Emily James, 2017
Artist description: This artwork was chosen by the Middleton Arts Committee and Starbucks Co. in September 2017, out of over 100 entries in a local competition, to become the new vinyl covering for the drive-thru tower windows at the Middleton Starbucks location on Allen Boulevard. The vinyl was mounted in October 2017 and is expected to remain in place for up to eight years. The art depicts the city limits of the City of Middleton.


Take Art Home

Art makes the perfect souvenir. Before leaving Middleton, check out these shops and galleries which sell local and regional art.

John/Christine Designs

John/Christine Designs has been designing and creating jewelry for 30 years. Their gallery in downtown Middleton showcases their work which includes handcrafted pieces with pearls, diamonds and gemstones.

The gallery also welcomes other artists to display work, including Middleton resident, Erin Lynn Summers, who has provided the gallery with an amazing collection of her original oil paintings.  Inspired by her life experience in dance, and extensive global travels, her genres span from abstract to realism.  We have found Erin’s life story to be most fascinating; her accomplishments many.

See their website for hours, special appointments and upcoming gallery exhibits.

The Regal Find

Located in one of the oldest buildings in downtown Middleton, The Regal Find offers a specially curated selection of local and regional artists’ work, as well as humorous gifts. You’ll be sure to find something whimsical and unique.

Cloth & Metal Boutique

This boutique in downtown Middleton is owned by artist Lisa McGuire who has a degree metalsmithing. Her shop features women’s clothing and her own jewelry, which she creates from sterling silver, copper and gold.