Cool Down with Something Sweet

Cool down this summer with something sweet — here are five stops to make in Middleton for delicious ice cream treats!

Whether you’re looking for a scoop of super-premium ice cream in a home-made waffle cone, a dish of frozen custard with all the toppings or house-made gelato, Middleton has multiple places to enjoy a tasty cold treat. Here is a list of places in Middleton serving up delicious treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth and cool you off during hot summer days. 

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream

This Madison-area ice cream shop has been serving up award-winning ice cream since 1962. Middleton is proud to be home to one of the Shoppe’s nine locations around the Madison-area. With over 100 super-premium ice cream flavors, multiple vegan flavors and frozen dessert options, there’s certainly something for everyone to enjoy at Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream. The Shoppe is constantly creating new fun and exciting flavors; stop in to sample and order a scoop or two.

a person holding an ice cream cone in their hand.

Cold Stone Creamery

Is there anything better than fresh ice cream with your choice of toppings hand-mixed on a frozen granite stone? You’d better stop by to find out. Cold Stone’s ice cream is churned from the finest ingredients and made fresh in-house at each location. Enjoy your ice cream on a bench located right outside of Middleton’s Greenway Station Cold Stone location.

a hand holding a cup of ice cream outside of a store.


This Wisconsin-based restaurant chain serves some pretty great food, but the real star is their farm-fresh frozen custard. Enjoy frozen custard in a cone, dish, sundae, shake, malt, floats, or concrete mixer mixed any way you crave. They offer a different tasty flavor every day—find the “flavor of the day” listed on their website. Culver’s makes their frozen custard fresh, in-house throughout the day so it’s always rich and creamy.

a person is using a machine to make ice cream

Hubbard Avenue Diner

This classic-style diner has fresh treats on the menu, from ice cream sundaes like the Turtle Sundae (fudge, caramel, pecans and real whipped cream) to the Grasshopper (mint brownie with chocolate mint ice cream), and don’t forget about ice cream cones, shakes, malts and floats. Enjoy a scoop of ice cream on top of the company’s true star—pie!

a couple of drinks sitting on top of a table

Villa Dolce

Take time to savor the artisan house-made gelato at this popular pizzeria and gelateria, located in downtown Middleton. Order a cone or dish after enjoying a delicious meal or come in and visit their dessert counter, featuring 12 different flavors of gelato. Delizioso!

a woman holding up a scoop of ice cream.
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Modified June 21, 2023