Have yourself a Flavorful Fajita Fiesta in Middleton

With bold flavors and fresh ingredients, who could say no to a sizzling plate of fajitas? Order this Tex-Mex icon in Middleton.

With bold flavors and fresh ingredients, who could say no to a sizzling plate of fajitas? This Tex-Mex icon is a versatile dish that can be ordered at multiple restaurants in Middleton. Whether you’re in for the traditional beef or chicken or would like something with seafood or made vegetarian, there’s sure to be an authentic fajita in Middleton that will offer a fiesta of flavor.

Ancho & Agave

This restaurant combines flavorful Mexican classics with a side of fun in a casual setting. Located in Greenway Station, Ancho & Agave’s menu features multiple fajita options, including chicken, steak, chile-lime shrimp and veggie; all are served on flour or corn tortillas, or in lettuce wraps, with caramelized onions, peppers, guacamole, sour cream, queso and pico de gallo. Pro-tip, start your meal with an order of one (or all) of their house-made signature salsas, hand-smashed guacamole, or warm queso blanco – all paired with freshly-made tortilla chips. Don’t forget to check out the outdoor patio.

Camino Real Mexican Seafood

This family-owned and -operated restaurant specializes in preparing authentic Mexican food with a focus on seafood. Included on the menu are three types of fajitas with the option to add chicken, steak, tilapia or shrimp.  

Compadres Mexican Restaurant

At Compadres, each dish is packed with flavor and infused with authentic, fresh Mexican ingredients; they’ll even prepare guacamole fresh at your table! Don’t miss the Compadres fajita — a delicious combo of chicken, steak, shrimp and chorizo served sizzling hot with traditional fajita fixings. Compadres’ also offers a covered outdoor seating area. 

Fajitas, Tapas and Bar

Recently opened in downtown Middleton on the corner of Parmenter Street and University Avenue, Fajitas, Tapas and Bar offers excellent, authentic Mexican food. The flavors served at this cantina are like no other, especially when it comes to their fajitas. Choose from unique fajita variations, including orange chicken, poblano, blue cheese ribeye, and more.

Taqueria Jalisco

Whether looking to grab Mexican groceries, sit down for an authentic meal, order takeout, or hire a catering service, Taqueria Jalisco guarantees delicious Mexican food. All menu items are made fresh to order with quality ingredients. Their menu includes many traditional Mexican dishes, such as gorditas, tamales, tortas, tamales, sopes, and, of course, fajitas.  

Header photo courtesy of Ancho & Agave.

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Modified August 18, 2023