A Celebration of a Worldwide Favorite — Fries!

Served hot, either soft or crispy, and in multiple shapes and size, this delicious fried food is something for all to enjoy!

With a crispy outside, a light and tender inside and a sprinkle of salt, this delicious fried favorite is hard to say no to and goes well with just about any meal. Even better, many restaurants seem to have different take on fries. Whether you prefer crinkle-cut, curly or thinly sliced, there are plenty of places in Middleton that offer mouth-watering fried spuds.

Local French Fry Fare:

If looking for a bar and grill to watch a game while enjoying some classic, straight-cut french fries, deep-fried to perfection, head over to Mid Town Pub in Middleton’s lakeside neighborhood, or Paul’s Neighborhood Bar & Restaurant downtown, and Monk’s Bar & Grill or Tanner’s Bar & Grill if you’re spending the day on Middleton’s west side.

If National French Fry Day (July 13) falls on your birthday, consider celebrating with your choice of traditional or waffle fries at the Nitty Gritty, a restaurant known for its special birthday celebrations.

A local favorite spot is The Village Green — stop in for traditional pub fries at an unbeatable price. Located in the heart of downtown Middleton, this tavern has been around since 1976.

Step back further in time and enjoy a meal at 1847 at the Stamm House, which dates back to 1847 and offers a menu that provides a “modern” take on a Wisconsin supper club experience. On top of serving traditional french fries, 1847 at the Stamm House also offers truffles fries that are fried and tossed with truffle oil, parmesan cheese and parsley, then served with a bacon herb and chipotle aioli.  

If in the mood for Italian food with fries, look no further than Villa Dolce for an order of their own truffle fries. On top of being prepared with the usual truffle oil, parmesan and rosemary, Villa Dolce’s truffle fries are served with Fonduta, a thick, melted cheese sauce.

There are many different ways that this popular dish is prepared and enjoyed worldwide, including in Belgium, where fries are made with Bintje potatoes and are known as “Frites.” These thick-cut and double-fried potatoes can be ordered here in Middleton at Longtable Beer Cafe and are served either plain, dressed up with bacon and cheese or dipped into a housemade dipping sauce, such as malt vinegar aioli, chipotle lime aioli, poblano aioli or ketchup!

To experience another country’s take on fries, head on over to Sofra Family Bistro to enjoy an Eastern European meal with fries that are incredibly crispy and delicious. If ordering takeout, these fries remain perfectly crispy, even on the drive home. Pro tip: order a side of Taziki sauce for dipping.

For a dining option that offers more than just regular fries, check out The Free House Pub in downtown Middleton where you can upgrade to either sweet potato fries or garlic parmesan fries, which come with giant flakes of parmesan dressed over the plate.

Also open to side upgrades is Craftsman Table & Tap, found at Middleton’s northeast side of town. This family-friendly restaurant allows customers to upgrade their sandwich or burger sidedish to cross-cut or sweet potato fries.

For the traditional diner experience with fries and a piece of pie, stop by Hubbard Avenue Dinner for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This Middleton staple is one you won’t want to miss.

And for a few quicker options for fresh fries, try the curly fries from Arby’s, crinkle cut fries from Culvers, boardwalk-style fries from Five Guys and pipping hot and perfectly salty fries from McDonald’s or Burger King.

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Modified July 14, 2023