Food & Spirits

With 80 restaurants, Middleton is a great place to eat. Sample a dazzling variety of cuisines, including Indian, Cajun, Mexican, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Mediterranean. Come hungry, because you’re doing to discover it’s tastier here.

5 Reasons it's tastier here.
1. Two words: Badger Bait. If you haven't tried this decadent local concoction, you're missing out.
2. The name says it all: don’t miss the Meatloaf of the Gods at Hubbard Avenue Diner.
3. You can’t go wrong with The Old Standby burger at The Free House Pub.
4. The Pollo alla Lemone’ at Vin Santo is finished with a fresh lemon reduction sauce.
5. The Big Sister (eggs benedict) at My Sister’s Kitchen provides big family-style flavor. Less hungry? Order the Little Sister.

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