We know some are out and about in their hometowns and others feel safe enough to travel short distances to see family and friends – but whoever you are, visitor or resident, please remember to take care of yourself and others by remembering to social distance, wash your hands and wear a face covering when in public. We all want to get back to “normal,” but we can only do so if everyone works together!

If traveling around Wisconsin, it is mandatory for anyone 5 years or older to wear a face-covering:

  • within any establishment that is not your home or hotel room;
  • within enclosed outdoor areas, such as bars and restaurants;
  • while in line to go indoors or pick up carryout;
  • and while taking public transportation.

It is also strongly encouraged to wear a mask outside in public spaces where it is difficult to social distance.

Exceptions include while eating, drinking or communicating with individuals deaf or hard of hearing, as well as for those with breathing or medical conditions.

***Click on this link to read the full official order for the state of Wisconsin. Dane County’s order can be found here.