Winter trail tips

A better winter adventure may be closer than you think. Middleton is a community that offers comfortable lodging, more than 80 restaurants and outstanding shopping, but it’s also a great place for winter recreation. Middleton’s parks and trails win awards for a reason – you’re never far from a beautiful outdoor experience. Here’s a quick guide to some of Middleton’s best winter trails.

Where can I go cross-country skiing in Middleton?

You’ll find some of the area’s best cross-country skiing at Pleasant View Golf Course. The trails are groomed for both skating and diagonal striding and there are four loop trails, with varying degrees of difficulty, and lengths up to 2.5 miles. Skiing hours are 8am–8pm. The trails are free to use and the clubhouse is available as a warming house on Sundays from 10am–4pm.

Where can I go snowshoeing in Middleton?

You’re welcome to snowshoe at Pleasant View Golf Course and the 550-acre Pheasant Branch Conservancy is another great spot for a snowshoe adventure. Park on the conservancy’s west side for a trail hike up Frederick’s Hill. The golf course’s view is expansive – you can even see the state Capitol.

Where can I go fat-Tire biking in Middleton?

The Middleton Bike Park, located at Pleasant View Golf Course, is a network of winding, hilly trails. It offers warm-season thrills but is also open for winter biking.


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