Middleton Tourism Bingo

Middleton Tourism Social Distancing Bingo

During this time of physical distancing, it’s important not to forget that there are so many ways to remain social while being safe, from virtual book clubs to silly Bingo cards. Please, take the advice of the local, state and national health agencies seriously and stay home as much as possible. Every time we leave our doors, we risk being infected or infecting others, and that makes the jobs of health care workers so much more difficult. We might be living apart, but we’re all in this together!

RULES: There are none. It’s Bingo — connect five and you are a winner! What do you win? Online social media street cred, of course. How do we know if you’re lying? We don’t — this is a time for honor, if ever there was any, and we all have to trust one another. Plus, the no-reward aspect doesn’t really qualify this for validation, unless it’s validating that you are AWESOME for staying at home and playing Bingo with us. Stay well, be safe and we hope to see you in Middleton — when the Safer at Home orders are lifted, of course, silly. Until then, keep yourself at home and wash your hands!

Download a printable PDF here.

Middleton Tourism Quarantine Bingo card