Middleton’s Great Escapes for Cyclists

Middleton is located on the edge of Wisconsin’s best bicycling roads. The quiet roadways of Western Dane County are so renowned that bicyclists from around the state and the Midwest come here to ride.

Middleton is the perfect place to stay when pedaling these beautiful roadways. Accessing this bicycling opportunity is easy with Middleton’s three “escape routes” for cyclists.

The first escape route is Airport Road, which runs west out of town and into some rolling green countryside. From there, bicyclists can wind their way through some of the most idyllic pastures, prairies and forests in the state.

The next escape route is the trail that starts at the Deming Way Trail and runs alongside Highway 12 and up into northeastern Dane County.  Side roads will take riders into scenic farm country. More adventurous (and physically fit) bikers can follow back roads to the popular Devil’s Lake State Park.

The last escape route is Pheasant Branch Road, which takes riders to hilly farm country north of Middleton.

If you’re looking for some outstanding road cycling this summer, come to Middleton.


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