Middleton Visitors Center Temporary Closure

Middleton isn’t just a city, it’s a community of neighbors, friends, family and business owners.
Middleton Tourism’s team is committed to supporting all efforts to contain and prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading to our community and visitors. This is why we are announcing that the Museum at the Depot and Middleton Visitors Center will be closed from Wednesday, March 18, through Tuesday, March 31.
We are still working every day to support the City of Middleton, its businesses and its people — and know that by decreasing social interaction, we will be doing our part.
Right now, many feel helpless as to how change can be made – but there are so many ways to contribute — by practicing social distancing, staying home as much as you can, following the CDC guidelines and adhering to the recommendations from local and national health agencies, we can all make a difference.
There are also ways to continue to support each other — volunteering for delivery services for those in the most vulnerable categories; calling to check on neighbors; and above all, practicing kindness.
Tourism staff will continue to monitor health recommendations from local and national agencies, provide information on events that have been cancelled or postponed, and support local businesses during this difficult time.
People are innovative and resourceful — but what is most heartening is that it comes from a place of compassion. We are all in this together and we will come through this together — as a community — because of the choices we make today.