an aerial view of a ski resort in the winter.

CXC Outdoor Center

Open daily from 8 a.m.-8 p.m., December 1, 2023-March 15, 2024, the CXC Outdoor Center…

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a wooden walkway next to a body of water

Elm Lawn Trail

The north trailhead is located at Woodgate Road and the south trailhead can be found…

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a group of people riding bikes down a dirt road

Middleton Bike Park

Located at 4351 Schwartz Road, this network of mountain biking trails was built in 2010…

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a man and a woman walking across a bridge

Wisconsin DOT Trail & Dane County Trails

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation trails run parallel to U.S. Highway 12 and the Dane…

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a woman riding a bike down a dirt road

Pheasant Branch Conservancy NE Trail

Locate the south entrance at the junction of the Bock Forest Trail and the Pheasant…

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a woman in a black and yellow jacket is walking

Firemen’s Park Trail

This trail is located in Firemen’s Park on Lee Street. This short, 0.1-mile paved trail…

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a bird is standing on a wooden bridge

Marina Court Trail

Find the south entrance at Allen Court, a mid-point entrance at Marina Drive and a…

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a sign for middleton hills neighborhood park

Middleton Hills North Park Trail

Find an entrance on each end of the Middleton Hills Neighborhood Park, North along Ramsey…

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a dirt path in a wooded area with lots of trees

Pheasant Branch Conservancy Segments

Pheasant Branch Conservancy is home to several small trails, including segments A and B. Segment…

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a couple of women sitting on top of a wooden bench

Pheasant Branch Conservancy SE Trail

Trailheads are located within Pheasant Branch Conservancy near Conservancy Lane and Valley Ridge Road. This…

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a paved road surrounded by trees and grass

Pheasant Branch Conservancy W Trail, Inner Loop

Find the south entrance at Century Avenue and the north entrance junction at the North…

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a paved road surrounded by trees and grass

South Trail A

Find the north entrance at the western junction of the Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor Trail…

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A wooden bridge over a river.

Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor Trail

The west junction meets South Trail A and there is an eastern entrance off Century…

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a man sitting on a bench next to a train track

South Fork Trail

Locate the north entrance at U.S. Highway 12, the mid-point entrance at Greenway Boulevard and…

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a woman walking her dog down a path in the woods

Stricker Park Trail Segment

Find an entrance off North Westfield Road, an entrance off Voss Parkway, the north and…

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a woman sitting on a bench in a park

Tiedeman Pond Trail

The south entrance is located off Voss Parkway, the north trail entrance is off South…

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a park with a sign that says, bay area park ball field, middleton

Parisi Park Trail

Locate the western entrance at Park Street and the eastern entrance at Mayflower Drive. This…

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a path in the middle of a grassy area

Middleton Hills Trails

Several entry points for the trails include an entrance off Prairie Glade Road and one…

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a group of apartment buildings sitting next to each other

Misty Valley Trail

Locate the northwestern trail entrance at Misty Valley Drive and the southeastern trail entrance at…

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a woman in a blue jacket is jogging in a park

Lakeview Park Trail

The south entrance is found at Mendota Avenue along with designated parking. The southeastern entrance…

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a person riding a bike down a road

Hidden Oaks Trail

The north entrance connects to the North Fork Trail and the south entrance can be…

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a wooden bridge over a small stream in a park

Harbor Village Trail

The south trail entrance is located at Harbor Village and the north trail entrance connects…

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a wooden boardwalk is next to a field of tall grass

Graber Pond Trail

Find the south trail entrance at Graber Road and the north entrance at Misty Valley…

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a couple of women walking down a dirt road

Bock Forest Trail

Trailheads are located at Highland Way and the intersection of the southeast and northeast trails…

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