A one-room elementary school was moved to this property in 1861, from Branch Street near the current Catholic Cemetery. In 1863, a new structure was built at a total cost of $269.00. Students continued to use this building until 1896, when the building was sold and moved off of the property.

Following the sale, a new schoolhouse was constructed for a total cost of $828.00, and later in 1912 was divided into a two-room school house. Four grades met in one room until a third classroom was added in the basement in 1943. With this expansion, it became a State Graded School with a nine month academic year, and continued as the Pheasant Branch School until 1950. From 1951 to 1954, the school was used as a storage warehouse for the School District.

The Old Pheasant Branch School was sold to Middleton’s Veterans of Foreign Wars in 1954, which has since been renovated and maintained to serve as a meeting hall for the VFW.

Not open to the public.