The original building on this site, known as the ‘Opera House’, was constructed in 1855 and contained a hotel, saloon, and opera house on the second floor for various community events. Years later, the original ‘Opera House’ was completely destroyed by the Middleton Fire of 1900.

Soon after the fire, in 1901, an architecturally similar building to the original ‘Opera House’ was constructed and called the ‘Elks Hotel’. Throughout the lower level of the Elks Hotel there was a saloon, dining room, and various stores, while the upper level had hotel rooms and a large hall. The hall served as a community center that provided space for public gatherings, dances, basket socials, old-time medicine shows, high school plays, and many other community activities.

Today, the upper level of the Opera House has been converted into apartments, while the lower level is occupied by various businesses.