Hotels offer safety, quality and comfort

Middleton’s hotels are working hard to ensure guests have a safe and relaxing experience during their stay. From special cleaning procedures to measures that give guests extra space, hotels are making sure guests enjoy their trip to Middleton.

One of the first things guests will notice is the use of masks in public areas of hotels like lobbies—it’s required for safety. In many hotels, partitions have been added to reception areas to allow guests to check-in while remaining separated from the staff. Helpful reminder signs communicate the hotel policies and measures to keep people safe, and freehand sanitizer is available throughout many properties.

Hotels have also implemented enhanced cleaning procedures, including the use of EPA-approved cleaning supplies. Public areas, including lobbies, elevators, door handles and public bathrooms are cleaned more frequently. Team members are provided with additional personal protective equipment and training to help ensure the safety of everyone in the hotel.

Some hotels have expansive areas that allow meetings to be held with careful physical distancing between attendees. Pre-wrapped menu options allow attendees of small meetings to have a tasty yet careful dining experience.

Finally, hotels are allowing extra days between the occupancy of guest rooms to provide an extra measure of safety for staff and guests. To learn specifics about a hotel’s safety policies, contact the property. See contact information for Middleton hotels here.


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