Get your Dijon on at the Mustard Museum

Did you know Middleton is home to a museum solely dedicated to mustard? It’s true! The National Mustard Museum entices visitors with more than 6,000 varieties of this spicy (or sweet, if you prefer) condiment from all 50 states and more than 70 countries. The choices are almost endless—here’s a taste of just a few of the flavors that you can sample.

A taste of Wisconsin: Bayfield Apple Mustard

Produced by the Bayfield Apple Company in northwestern Wisconsin, this tasty, mild mustard uses real Wisconsin apples. It’s also delicious as a dip or a glaze on grilled or roasted meats. $6.50/8 oz.

A touch of the tropics: Aunty Lilikoi’s Passion Fruit Wasabi Mustard

This mustard—a product of Hawaii—uses real passion fruit to accent its tasty mustard flavor, then packs a little kick with the addition of wasabi. This mustard was named the Grand Champion at the 2005 Worldwide Mustard Competition and also took home gold in the Fruit Mustard category in 2008. $12.95/10 oz.

Something different – Pommery “Gingerbread” Mustard

Described as a “breakfast mustard” (yes, really), this unusual mustard from French producer Pommery captures the flavor of France’s “bread of spices,” similar to American gingerbread. Try it on a baguette with butter! $19/8.8 oz.

For the brave – Dave’s Gourmet Hurtin’ Habanero & Honey Mustard

Dave’s Gourmet is a California-based specialty foods company that specializes in hot sauces, and their Hurtin’ Habanero & Honey Mustard is a tasty mix of habanero peppers, red chili peppers, honey and selected spices. $10/8 oz.

Snack in moderation – Sierra Nevada Porter & Spicy Brown Mustard

Created by the world-famous Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, Calif., this mustard uses the brewery’s award-winning Porter to create a great spicy spread for sandwiches or sausages. $6.50/8 oz.

Still hungry? Sample more varieties at the Mustard Museum’s Tasting Bar or browse their online shop here.

Explore the world of mustard with a special food and mustard event. MUSTARD BITES – A Tasteful Adventure, is an exclusive food and mustard experience that includes a special food and mustard tasting, a hands-on cooking demo, fascinating details about this incredible condiment, a private guided tour and more.

Don’t miss National Mustard Day, held in downtown Middleton the first weekend in August! See more Middleton events here.


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