Explore historic Middleton

In 1832, a fur trader decided to open a post on the west shore of Lake Mendota. Many more people eventually followed, and the Good Neighbor City was born. Today, Middleton is home to stores that sell the latest fashions and restaurants that offer the newest culinary creations, but it is also a place that provides a fascinating look at the past. Whether you choose to take a walk through a historic Middleton neighborhood, explore the community’s beautiful architecture by car, or simply enjoy a meal in a building that dates to the Civil War, you’ll find that a trip through Middleton’s yesterday provides a lot of fun today.

Here are some ideas to start your next exploration of Middleton’s rich history.

  • Palmer House, 6707 Century Ave. This private home was built in 1858 and is one of the oldest continuously occupied houses in the Middleton area.
  • Opera House, 1827 Parmenter St. Once home to a hotel, saloon and second floor opera house, this building now houses several charming shops.
  • Weinberg-Schroeder Building, 1828 Parmenter St. Now a modern Italian café, Villa Dolce, this building  was built in 1868 as a store and saloon briefly operated by Charles Weinberg.

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