Discover Middleton’s secrets

Middleton has a rich history – it dates back 200 years, to when a fur trader set up shop on the west shore of Lake Mendota. Today Middleton is a vibrant community filled with stores, recreation areas and restaurants but it still retains a historic charm. It’s a fascinating place to explore on foot or by car. Here’s a quick guide to some of Middleton’s top historic sights.

  • Before you start your trip into the past, explore this interactive map of historic sites and the printable Visit Middleton Walking Tour Map.
  • Take a stroll past the Palmer House, 6707 Century Ave. This private home was built in 1858 and is one of the oldest continuously occupied houses in the Middleton area.
  • Enjoy a meal at 1847 at The Stamm House, 6625 Century Ave. This building, which dates to 1847, held Middleton’s first inn.
  • Another great dining spot: Club Tavern, 1915 Branch St. This structure was built between 1880 and 1960 as stables for the Stamm House.
  • Go shopping in the Opera House, 1827 Parmenter St. Once home to a hotel, saloon and second floor opera house, this building now houses several charming stores.
  • Get visitor information at the Middleton Visitors Center located in the historic depot. Built in 1895, this historic building serves as a visitor center and home of the Middleton Tourism offices. There is also a curated collection of historic artifacts, provided by the Middleton Area Historical Society — which is housed in the Rowley House Museum.

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