City of Middleton public works projects for 2021

The City of Middleton Public Works Department has announced the upcoming construction to begin in Middleton this summer, 2021. Complete information on this & other city street projects can be found here.

When a stage is opened up for construction, all utility work, road grading, road restoration and the first layer of paving will occur within that stage. Residents can expect approximately two to three weeks of overlap when one stage is being finalized and another stage is opened up at the same time. At the end of Stage 4, the contractor will complete the final layer of paving for the entire project extents. The following schedule is anticipated but can change based on weather and unforeseen issues that can occur during construction. See below for summary of anticipated work order:

Stage 1 – Hubbard Avenue (Orchid Lane – S Gateway Street)

April through May 2021


Stage 2 – Hubbard Avenue (Mayflower Drive – Orchid Lane)

Mayflower Drive (South Avenue – Hubbard Avenue)

Orchid Lane

May through June 2021


Stage 3 – Hubbard Avenue (Park Street – Mayflower Drive)

Violet Place

Mayflower Drive (Hubbard Avenue – University Avenue)

June through July 2021

Stage 4 – Mayflower Drive (University Avenue – Maywood Avenue)

July through August 2021

Stage 5 – Entire project extents (final paving, remaining restoration & punch list items)

August through mid-September 2021