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Best of Madison 2023 Awards: Middleton Winners

Congratulations to all the Middleton businesses who won gold, silver and bronze for the Best…

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Prost to Oktoberfest!

From special celebrations to authentic German food and refreshing seasonal brews, many places around Middleton offer Oktoberfest fare and festivities.

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"Don't let the pigeon drive the bus" book cover with information for "Fall Storywalk in Downtown Middleton"

Downtown Middleton’s Fall StoryWalk® Announced

The return of the school year brings a beloved children’s story to Downtown Middleton for this fall’s StoryWalk® adventure with “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus,” by Mo Willems.

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A family, man, woman, young boy and child in stroller, walking down path in Pheasant Branch Conservancy in Middleton.

Things to do in Middleton that don’t cost a dime

No matter the season, experiencing Middleton doesn’t have to cost you or your family a…

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Choose Middleton for Your Next Friendcation

Whether you and your friends enjoy spending time outdoors, shopping in boutiques or dining at a new restaurant, there’s something for every friend group in Middleton.

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Summer StoryWalk®: ‘Jabari Jumps’

Middleton’s Summer StoryWalk® takes readers on a journey throughout downtown Middleton, stopping at 22 stops while following along with the story, “Jabari Jumps.”

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Explore the Great Outdoors in Middleton

Whether it’s the 30 parks, 27 miles of multi-use trails or the 549-acre protected natural area, the outdoors instantly calls visitors’ names in Middleton.

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Experience Middleton’s Women-Owned Businesses

With a variety of unique small and large businesses ran by passionate entrepreneurs, there is…

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A Winter Weekend Away This Valentine’s Day

Spend a weekend away this Valentine’s Day in Middleton! Check out things to do, places to eat and great hotel deals right here in Middleton.

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Cheers with Friends in Middleton

Cheers with friends in Middleton–whether it be a craft brewery, cidery, wine bar or favorite restaurant!

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Insta-worthy Holiday Spots

Still looking for the perfect holiday card moment? Here are a few spots that might…

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A wooden bridge in a wooded area.

Your Middleton fall color guide

Everything you need to know to start planning your fall trip to Middleton.

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a path in the woods with lots of leaves on the ground

Plan a Fall Weekend Getaway

Plan a Fall Weekend Getaway in Middleton–from our outdoor spaces to shopping and dining, there is something for everyone.

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a bridge over a river with a waterfall

Stay and play in Middleton

From beautiful trails to kayaking on the lake, Middleton has so much to offer. Come Stay and Play right here this fall!

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2022 Summer StoryWalk®: ‘Dump Truck Daisy’

Middleton’s summer StoryWalk® takes on construction theme, introduces children’s Hard Hat Club StoryWalk® adventures are…

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two people in kayaks paddling on the water

Memorial Day in Middleton

Summer weekends are made better by an extra day — spend your three-day Memorial Weekend in Middleton.

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Explore historic Middleton

In 1832, a fur trader decided to open a post on the west shore of…

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a hockey game is being played on an ice rink

Under-18 Women’s Hockey World Championships

Middleton and Madison are excited to announce that the 2022 International Ice Hockey Federation Under-18…

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a group of people standing around a curling rink

USA Curling Mixed Doubles National Championships

Middleton is excited to welcome the 2022 USA Curling Mixed Doubles National Championships to Bob Suter’s Capitol Ice Arena March 7-13.

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a stream running through a snow covered forest

Ways to Enjoy Winter in Middleton

There are so many ways to enjoy Middleton in every season. Middleton in winter is all about setting your own pace and enjoying yourself.

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Celebrate the New Year in Middleton!

Celebrate the New Year in Middleton with these events and tips! Happy 2022, everyone!

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a man and a woman standing on a soccer field

Meet Your Good Neighbors – KEVA Sports Center

KEVA Sports Center brings people of all ages together for everything from indoor sports to sand volleyball to outdoor concerts!

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a couple of people that are on some bikes

Fall biking guide

Enjoy the season out on Middleton’s trails!

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