Spend Your Summer in ‘Middleton’s Backyard’

Capital Brewery & Bier Garten has been brewing in downtown Middleton since 1986 -- enjoy craft beer, outdoor spaces, and live music!

Enjoy a refreshing brew and live music at Middleton’s beloved Capital Brewery and Bier Garten!

For nearly 40 years, Capital Brewery has been a popular attraction for those in the craft beer scene. Specializing in German-style lagers, but also offering American-style ales, barrel-aged beers and several IPAs as well, Capital Brewery has won more than 240 awards. With head brewmaster Tanner Brethorst, the brewery is constantly experimenting and refining its offerings to ensure a favorable option for every beer fan.

In the summer, there’s even more to love about Capital Brewery — their Bier Garten! The Capital Brewery Bier Garten is open April through October and often hosts live music as well as public and private events. It’s typical for the brewery to welcome more than 1,500 patrons on Friday nights to listen to live music. What makes the nighttime ambiance even better is the option to bring in food from Middleton restaurants or enjoy vendors and food trucks when available on site.

With a range of beers, indoor and outdoor seating, live music and so much more, Capital Brewery is sure to offer a brewing experience like no other. Interested in learning more about the behind the scenes brewmaking? Capital Brewery offers group tours of the facility and tastings, scheduled on its website.

Enjoy “Middleton’s Backyard” this summer and check out the summer music lineup below. More information available on Capital Brewery’s website.

Capital Brewery 2024 band lineup

Poster for Capital Brewery's 2024 Bier Garten Music schedule, listing bands, dates, and times from May to October. Shows start at 6 PM with a $5 cover charge. Schedule and details are subject to change.

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Modified June 19, 2024