Birdwatching in Middleton this Fall

Fall is a great time for birdwatching. Hundreds of species of birds pass through Middleton as they migrate south to their wintering grounds. Here are three great places to see some of these migrating birds.

Pheasant Branch Conservancy Wetlands and Ponds – The creek, ponds and wetlands at the center of the Pheasant Branch Conservancy attract birds of many types, particularly wading birds and waterfowl. Nature trails ring the marshes, giving birdwatchers lots of opportunities to spy visiting ducks, herons and geese.

Esser Pond – Located near Greenway Station, this is another great place to see waterfowl. Despite its proximity to Hwy 12 and a busy shopping area, birds love this complex of open water and wetlands. A trail provides access along the northern edge of the wetlands.

Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor Trail – Running through Middleton is Pheasant Branch Creek, and this trail follows alongside it. The woods that line the creek are especially good for seeing migrating songbirds.

Even on days when there aren’t a lot of birds to see, the fall scenery is ample compensation. This fall, make plans to catch a glimpse of migrating birds in Middleton.

*In Wisconsin, most migratory birds will have flown south by mid-November. Here is a great site to check year-round, if you are an avid birder!


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