5 REASONS it’s GREENER here.

Whether you’re looking for a place for the kids to swing and slide, a peaceful escape into an unspoiled oasis or a chance to get moving, Middleton is the answer. Home to more than 50 parks and natural areas and 27 miles of multi-use trails, Middleton promises to reconnect you with nature, without ever having to leave the city.

  1. Middleton’s trail system welcomes users of all abilities and links to an ADA-accessible kayak/canoe port on Graber Pond. It’s the first of its kind in Wisconsin and it uses an innovative adjustable bench and guide rails to accommodate users. The pier is accessible via a multi-use trail that connects to Middleton’s vast trail network.
  2. The Pheasant Branch Creek Corridor Trail is an oasis of tranquility, complete with a bubbling stream and picturesque bridges. The trail runs through the heart of Middleton, offering a beautiful outdoor experience near restaurants, shops and lodging.
  3. ENERGI® stations installed along Middleton’s South Fork Trail offer a free and fun trailside workout. Each station offers different challenges and is designed to work the entire body. Enjoy an outdoor challenge while experiencing the beauty of Middleton’s trail system.
  4. Wayfinding signs along the trail help trail users find nearby places to eat and shop. They feature QR codes that you can scan for more information. Pay them a visit and make sure you don’t miss anything on the trail!
  5. The Memory Trail features triggers to improve brain power, giving minds a workout. The trail was built in conjunction with the Dementia Alliance and it’s a fantastic way to exercise your mind and body.

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