Middleton Bike Park

The Middleton Bike Park is located at the Pleasant View Golf Course. It’s one of the most exciting mountain biking opportunities in the region. The park was built in 2010 by the Capital Off Road Pathfinders (CORP), a local bike club, with the help of nationally renowned designers Mike Riter and Ben Blitch.

The bike park features three main components: a pump track, a jump line and a short single-track loop. The pump track is a winding course that runs over mounds of dirt known as rollers. The track is approximately 5,000 square feet and is designed so that a rider doesn’t need to pedal. Instead, riders maintain their momentum by moving their bodies in a pumping motion. The pump track experience gives mountain bikers a great way to hone their skills and have fun.

The jump line gives riders a chance to launch their bikes off the ground and enjoy some “air time.” Few biking experiences are as exhilarating.

The single-track loop provides a chance to do some pedaling along trails winding through the woods and over boardwalks.

Altogether, the Middleton Bike Park is one of the best mountain biking experiences in southern Wisconsin. Bring your mountain bike to Middleton and experience the bike park for yourself.

Learn more about the Middleton Bike Park, see maps and find videos or visit madcitydirt.com.


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