Historic Sites

The history of Middleton is reflected in the beautiful historic architecture you’ll see throughout the community. Many of Middleton’s businesses are housed in historic buildings, and Middleton’s neighborhoods feature a number of stunning historic homes. The Middleton Area Historical Society and The Middleton Landmarks Commission website are great places to learn about the history of the area. Below is a list of Middleton’s most notable historic structures.

Blacksmith Shop

2645 Branch Street

This building dates to the 1850s and housed a blacksmith shop that served guests from the Stamm House.

Not open to the public.

Club Tavern

1915 Branch Street

The biggest bar in Middleton, with an excellent family restaurant attached. Live music Wednesday through Saturday. Ask about our Badger game shuttle and pre/post-game specials!


1720 Aurora Street

Once the home of the Union Church, built in 1870 at a cost of $1,800.

Not open to the public.

Former Opera House

1827 Parmenter Street

Built in 1855, this building included a hotel, saloon and second floor opera house.

Gallery, The

1904 Parmenter Street

Built on the former site of the American Hotel, which was built between 1867 and 1870.

Not open to the public.

Middleton Historical Museum

7410 Hubbard Avenue

The building is a historical landmark built in 1867. The museum contains information, collections and artifacts donated by early settlers. Open from 1pm to 4pm Tuesdays and Saturdays from mid-April through mid-October or by appointment for group tours.

Middleton Train Depot & Museum

1811 Parmenter Street

Built in 1856, this depot was an active passenger station until 1960 and a freight depot until 1975. Today, it is listed on the National Registry and serves as a visitor welcome center and home of the Middleton Tourism Commission.

Old Town Inn

1828 Parmenter Street

Site of Middleton’s first post office. Today houses popular restaurant Villa Dolce.

Palmer House

6707 Century Avenue

The area’s first home. Built in 1847.

Not open to the public.

Pheasant Branch School

6710 Century Avenue

Built in 1896 at a cost of $828.

Not open to the public.

Stamm House, The

6625 Century Avenue

Middleton’s first official inn, dating to 1847.

Not open to the public.

Wolf House

7426 Elmwood Avenue

Built in 1868 and saved from the 1900 fire by putting carpets on the roof and soaking them with water using a bucket brigade.

Not open to the public.